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About Inovance

The Inovance Group is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions. The company’s product portfolio includes low voltage AC drives, medium voltage drives, servo drives & motors, intelligent controllers, industrial robots, electric vehicle inverters, light rail transit converters and industrial internet solutions.

In 2018, Inovance Technology Europe acquired Power Automation – a provider of PC-based CNC/ real-time machine control technology. Founded in 1993, Power Automation was an early leader in open PC-based CNC systems technology, and rapidly built up a global customer base for its advanced products and services.

Today, with European and Chinese R&D teams working together and sharing best practice, the Inovance Group is able to deliver market-leading CNC solutions. Power Automation’s CNC technology, together with Inovance’s high-end servo package, offers real-time machine control and maximum openness and flexibility for all applications.

Inovance forms long-term partnerships with its customers. To achieve this, the group offers more than just products: working with Inovance gives customers access to world-class manufacturing and R&D facilities, as well as highly skilled engineering and industry-sector specialists.