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How to check the content of a SDI drive I-DERROR
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If an error message with the following contents is displayed:

Then the contents of the drive error memory must be read out. To do this, proceed as follows:

--> Start the CNC Software - If a user specific HMI is used start in addition to this HMI also the PA standard HMI (START-->Programs-->Power Automation-->HMI-->HMI)

--> Start the Drive Application Tool - The Drive Application Tool can be started by




If Setup is not visible on the system bar then check the following content:

Once the Drive Application Tool has been started the followind procedure has to be done to check the content of the Error ID (I-DERROR)

click on SDI1 or SDIx for the drive that indicates the error.

click on Connect Drive

Now click on TERMINAL

Type "i-derror" to the commad line and press enter

The Error ID will be displayed - In this case it is "0"

The following IDs can be displayed:
ID Error description
1 Host communication error:CRC
2 Host communication error: no telegram
4 Power Stage Short
8 RAM Error

Please get a support ticket and enter the ID to the Error Description Field.

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